MC Sean Ward

by The Sean Ward Show

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recorded on a piece of shit computer in my bedroom in 2006 using Cool Edit Pro and a fantastic ear for samples.


released May 5, 2006



Track Name: It's All Right
Ladies & Gentlemen
This is Sean Ward speaking
I take something old and something new
And I turn that shit into something timeless.
Check this out...

You know that I was once just like you
Sittin' all alone up in my room
Stereo was playing, I had the candles burnin'
Yearnin' for the light to shine on all that I was learnin'
Thinking to myself that there had to be more
Than the shit the teachers told me that my life had in store
But the facts were slow to come! Few and far between!
Enough to crack this cracker up, know what I mean?
Between that & being told I ain't shit
My teachers and my moms almost had me believing it
At the time it seemed so far out of sight
But they couldn't stop me from believing it's all right

When I was young I didn't have a thing to say
Now I get up on the stage and make my way
And mark my words, I'm blowing up this year
'Cuz I ain't got no time for doubt and to hell with fear
I always knew the truth even when I couldn't see it
You can't talk about it - you gotta be it
You can't say one day, you gotta say now
Just start moving, right there in your town
Just start with nothing, don't worry 'bout whatever
It's you you're screwing if when you move is never
If you wanna live forever with your star shining bright
Then you gotta maintain the faith that it's all right

It's all right! That's my word!
Take it to the streets, make sure everybody heard
Shout it from the rooftops and up to the sky
It's the 21st century-ligion, let's all try
To work it out without a doubt the youth'll bring the clout to end the drought
Their vision blurred, the straights are scurred, they haven't heard the power's out
They're on the run! They're bobbin' and weavin'
They won't go down quick, no - they keep deceiving
The sight says fright that they're mightier than ever
But they can't pull the wool, no, we're too clever
However, if we're to unite and keep it tight
Then we gotta always remember this: that it's all right
Track Name: Say Goodbye
There was once a girl that I knew
Met her in the same class, period two
I wanna take her out for ice cream
'cuz she was sexy - the girl of my dreams
Wanna get her home by night
But wouldn't happen, what I think is right
Tell these girls that I let 'em go
Sean Ward is off the market, yo
Finally worked up some nerve
Emboldened by the look of her curves
But by the time I felt the words come across my tongue
I had to realize my life's song ain't been sung
And I gots to fly
Let's not ask why
it's that particular kind of guy
That I be.........

Got a story 'bout another girl
She had her hair arranged in a curl
There was a sexy thing to her walk
And I loved the way that she talked
I tried to take her out
I thought that I know a thing or two what women are about
But really I just wanted to fulfil my need
Thinking this chick was a freaky thing indeed
But things didn't work out that way
Things happen every day
Stress & strife come into my life
Until another girl I meet a-gonna be my wife
You gonna be my pride?
You got to please my pride
My name ain't Clyde
My name is Sean Ward, baby! Stop being so insensitive!

I knew a girl named Jill
She had looks could kill
Jill had my heart
But Jill showed me the art
The subtle art emotional ass-kickin'
She told me that she loved me but she was just trickin'
Now where my feelings went?
And all my money been spent!
Jill ain't that kind of girl
That you wanna mess with in the whole wide world
She will make you think that you're gonna die
And you will spend your nights all alone, having a cry
She'll take you out
You'll wonder what it's about
After all those fly things you did together
And all those long phone conversations
And how things got so romantical
She don't care