Paid to Party

by The Sean Ward Show

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released April 8, 2008



Track Name: Sean Ward & the Realness Stage Intro
I’m Sean Ward, I’m in dimension four and when the talk turns to money, I say give me some more. And when the talk turns to problems, I say give me less. The plate of armor on my soul is like a bullet-proof vest! I’ll crack a smile, then all the while you’ll be talkin’ ‘bout your added stresses to the pilin’ up on the scene. You know what I mean? I like to try to keep my mental environment clean. It’s not that I’m zen. It’s not that I’m tao. It’s just that I don’t pay no mind to what don’t pay me now. Speakin’ of now, what you waitin’ for? You don’t need nobody holdin’ your hand to the door! You don’t need your mom’s permission, you can just go through! The facts I kick are thicker than the ac- cent Dr. Ruth and I show you the truth like you used to know so come on, y’all! And I’ll tell you a story, yo! I want you to know we’ve got somethin’ goin’ on. We’ve got the moves, we’ve got the flow, gonna party ‘til the dawn. No foolin’, number one. I’m all about havin’ madd-all kinds of fun. Whether makin’ some money, whether checkin’ the scene, I’m occupyin’ all the plac- es in, around, and between. You know my flows are pristine and there ain’t no turnin’ back. You introduce me to your girl, I’m gonna stare at her rack. I take a lot of flack just for bein’ myself but my true fans know my rhymes are good for your health. There was once three ways that I weighed my day. I used to get on stage without a thing to say. I used to let loose with a whole barrage of junk, but now I speak truth as I revelate the funk. And when I’m up in the lights? Oh yeah, you know that it’s on! Rockin’ the party ‘til way past dawn! And by the time my words made sense, I’m gone!
Track Name: I Get Down
You know who this is, it’s MC Sean Ward and when I step upon the stage, I’m leavin’ no one bored. Nobody’s goin’ home early, no one’s goin’ for drinks, and all your dirty dinner dishes gonna chill in the sink. You’d think the Beatles just arrived when I step in the place ‘cuz all the teenage girls start screamin’ their face off the cuff is how I like to flow when at a jam and in time you’ll
know why I ain’t no regular man. I get down like every night with some particular shit to make you feel all right and a particular sight, that’s how I like to be dressin’. If you want to fuck with Sean, yo, you better stop messin’ around! I’ve got the twenty-first centurty sound right here. I’ve made my point. Could I be more clear? Well if I could, I guess you’d better clean out your ears and if you don’t like my raps, take a seat in the rear be- cause a seat in the rear, that’s like a seat in the back. You’d better get out the way before I’m on the attack. You’d better get out the way and stop blockin’ the view of all the people that came, but not to see you! Look at whose name’s out on the marquee. Let me check the spelling... I think it’s me! And by the end of this set I think you’ll see why there ain’t no other motherfucker like the W-A-R-D. I wanna rock right now. I’m Sean Ward and I came to get down. I’m now internationally known, and I’m known to rock a microphone because I get stupid. I mean outrageous! Stay away from me if you’re contagious ‘cuz I’m the winner, no I’m not a loser. To be an M.C. is what I choose. Ladies love me, girls adore me (I mean even the ones who never saw me). Like... the way that I rhyme at a show. The reason why? Man, I don’t know. So let’s go!
Track Name: (I've Got) So Much Soul
I’m standin’ on the corner waitin’ for the man when I see some dude come through. What’s that in his hand? That looks just like a microphone. “Hey you! Where you goin’ with that?” He turned to me and he said that he’s lookin’ for the G who’s gonna use it to rap. I said “Yo, that’s cool and all, but how you gonna know when you see?” That’s when he turned and said that he’d been lookin’ for me! So the man handed me the micro- phone and I left for home. As if it had been all along, I opened my mouth and the words just flowed out like the mic wrote it’s own song! I... I’ve got so much soul! And now I’m in control! Motherfucker, act like you know! I... I’ve got so much soul! And now I’m in control! Moth- erfucker, act like you know! Got home, I set the mic on the table. Felt my whole body vibrate. Wonderin' if I’m able. Then the songs just started to kind of write themselves and I knew right then I’d be fillin’ up record shop shelves. Sometimes, I still wonder where this rap thing will lead me. Will it continue to clothe me, house me, and feed me? Well, it’ll be all right. That is to say I’m quite sure that everything is gonna be OK just as long as I remember these words. You know I... I’ve got so much soul! And now I’m in control! Motherfucker, act like you know! I... I’ve got so much soul! And now I’m in control! “In the world of rap, there is no other like Sean Ward & the Realness. He told you before, he makes it timeless. So act like you know, motherfucker. He’s got so much soul.” I... I’ve got so much soul! And now I’m in control! Motherfucker, act like you know! I... I’ve got so much soul! And now I’m in control! Mother- fucker, act like you know. Whatcha know about it?
Track Name: Fuck Sum'n Up
I wear my good boots when it’s nice ‘cuz I don’t want to take ‘em out when the streets is ice and I don’t want to fuck ‘em up because they cost some dough. Every- body pay attention to the Sean Ward show! Yo, listen to how I rock! Check out how I roll! There ain’t an- other like me when I’m in control. They done busted the mold after I got made. I spend most of my time bein’ well behaved, but every now and then I might cut loose. Hit the night club dance floor and shake my caboose. You know a deuce is two, that’s one for you and for me. But with the size of me ego, that’s a party of three! Now, that’s just a little bit of self depreca- tion designed to let you all know across the nation that the reason why I’m up in here is havin’ fun, and a little bit about the way I get things done. You know I fuck sum’n up. That’s the word. Fuck sum’n up, that’s all you heard. Fuck sum’n up. Feel my flow. Fuck sum’n up. Watch me go. Wicked with the rap, in fact it’s ‘bout that when MCs go “splat” from the rat-a-tat-tat. I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout the bullets, just the rhythm of the words. I bounce with the beat like the girlies whip the curves. See, I don’t want to be the one to hip you how it’s gotta be, but S-E-A-N-W will take you through an odyssey and it be me you mention for your moments of the year. I break new ground and I shout “All clear!” You might say I’m dope, but that goes without sayin’. Rippin’ ev- ery microphone I see with no delayin’ and the talent I’m displayin’ leaves you sayin’ “He’s the greatest!” If you weren’t at the show, then you ain’t heard the lat- est. But if you were the one screamin’ from the back (you bought my CD and my shirt so I could count my stack), maybe by the next verse I’ll see you down the front? Let me tell you all about it if I may be blunt! You know I fuck sum’n up! That’s the word. Fuck sum’n up, that’s all you heard. Fuck sum’n up. Feel my flow! Fuck sum’n up. Watch me go. Get out of bed about a quarter to noon, feelin’ the fever. I think it’s gonna be soon that I step up to wreck up the microphone. I’ve even got the dopest party when I’m all alone. And I’ll be tellin’ you quick that you could hear me ‘cuz ain’t no other MC can come near me me and when I’m on, it’s all for the better. Every rhyme I write is a love letter to the people that come to my shows and you know that the prose that I chose the throw in the flows is those that get the ho’s. That’s the way that it goes. And is there one more rhyme? “Who knows?” The only thing I have is an itch and a scratch to keep the business all in order and be countin’ my cash and as I make the dash and you catch what kind of joke I’m on, I rhyme so fast you ask what kind of coke I’m on.
Track Name: The Pop That I Rock
***LYRICS: Comin’ through, aimin’ straight for the top with the pop that I rock when I come around the block. Now you’re shocked and amazed and a little bit dazed by the means and the ways that I get a crowd crazed. I get down, but you already knew. I’ve got you wild for my style and the things that I do but I don’t play the back-up. Punk, you’re gonna hack up a lung ‘cuz you’re blowin’ smoke if you think you stack up. Pull the slack up! You’ve got to do better if you want to get the crowd wild and get the girls wetter. I’m a trend-setter with my books and beats. It’s like Halloween, the way that I’m handin’ out treat. Miraculous feats-- “What?”
I mean my raps when I hit the stage, ‘cuz I got it like that! This one’s goin’ platinum one day, you’ll see. And it be Sean Ward on your MTV. You see me on the in- ternet? My profile’s madd live! And I be gettin’ back to y’all with comments and replies and as I rise up to the top and through, I’ve got a lot of few things that I want to do. I’ve got too much to say to pay to play. I’ve got the spot right here. Here’s your festival day! And you don’t even need a ticket if you only came to kick it. Just make sure you leave your problems at the door or you can stick it. I’m the man with so much soul! I take a little bit of everything: rock & roll and hip hop and jazz and funk and blues. And when I put it all together, have you heard the news? It’s like an explosion when I’m on the mic ‘cuz you ain’t never heard nothin’ this new in your life. And if you’d like to know a bit about my flow, listen close to the story. This is how it go. I started out being dumped and dissed, now everybody wanna be on my list. There was a time my flows weren’t so nice, now I’m out gettin’ double the price. Used to be a girl won’t get down, now she’s out showin’ me the town, walkin’ and whisperin’ such-and-such. Speak the right words, girl, and you will get touched! You could put your whole army behind this here, I guarantee you it’ll be your very best move this year and as I come near, the heart beats quicker. The beat that pumps is a poi- son warning sticker. Proceed with caution, this is not for the new. It’s just for the jump-up party people doin’ all kinds of things that make this the spot and if you ain’t shakin’ your shit then step off the block!
Track Name: The Sean Ward Thang
Flows so hot ain’t got no air conditionin’. You be wishi- nin’ for the Ward to dishinin’. You be listenin’ to me trippin’ on my syllables, sippin’ spillables, and collectin’ on my billables. Inimitable, use the word to describe me. Winnin’ wittable, that’s the way I win the prize, G. Rise ye to the new occasion. I see you do the crew persuasion. What’s the abrasion about the sound that the ‘causian is takin’ downtown? When I come around, the party gets liver. I buy my friends a round and then
I tip the girl a fiver. You’ve gotta go big or why bother goin’? Make a million dollars off the knowledge you be knowin’! If the people ain’t growin’ when they hear your song then stop! You’ve got it all wrong! Have you heard about the Sean Ward thang? Just listen to him. You’ll surely be amazed! Big fun to be had by everyone! So slow your roll. The rhyme ain’t done! When the lights come on and fill the place, I look from the stage to see the smiles on your face. And there’s no disgrace in takin’ what you want so I set my stylofied funkster stomp and I come through on a bright sunny day, bringing madd rhymes that make you want to say “Hey!” This hear’s the way! The new style of feelin’ that I learned on the street back when I was gettin’ by dealin’. Never stoop to stealin’, that ain’t right! I’m all about the attitude to make the futre bright. And if you want to keep your style flash, fresh on the scene, you gotta keep the big Vs comin’. Know what I mean? And if you wanna spark the fire down deep in your soul and let the whole world know that y’all in control, take a look at me know! I’m in your stereo! And if you wan- na do the same, you gotta peep your scenario. Have you heard about the Sean Ward thang? Just listen to him. You’ll surely be amazed! Big fun to be had by everyone so slow your roll. The rhyme ain’t done! Have you heard about the Sean Ward thang? Just listen to him. You’ll surely be amazed! Big fun to be had by everyone so slow your roll. The rhyme ain’t done! When on the stage, you know I aim to please. If you ain’t shakin’ your ass, it’s ‘cuz you’re weak in the knees. And there’s a thing or two that I would like you to know about the mysterious power that makes my rhymes go. It ain’t about a outlet that you see on the wall, nor the extension cord that runs along the hall. It ain’t a thing that takes diesel or gasoline. It can’t be helped by ginseng nor caffeine. Is it the way that I dress to the nines? Or the way I send a tingle up the back of the spine? Maybe something more, maybe a little bit deeper? “Slow down on the weed, Sean. You know this one’s a creeper!” No! That’s not the snwer to the secret that I’m talkin’. You might find the truth to be a little more shocking that anything that you could ever wish to do, it’s all in your hands. You’ve just got to see it through.
Track Name: I Was Made For This
People been wonderin’ how I got it goin’ on and the source of the magic found in all of my songs and I just hip ‘em how it’s kind of natural to me, the way I flick a magic trick and bust some surreality. And I been slip- pin’ you shit that you never seen befo’. There ain’t a mind that I ain’t blown that’s been at the show! And y’all know I’m particularly gifted for a white man. The sharpest lookin’ rapper, I don’t care if you say “Damn” or “Fuck him” ‘cuz either way, I still grow stronger. At- tention span’s short, the accolade list’s longer. The shit that I do, you couldn’t believe in a dream. Haters talkin’ yang but they don’t know where I’ve been! Yo, I’ve been actin’ and modellin’, even poppin’ the bottle and makin’ so much money that even I find it start- lin’! Got the youth comin’ to me, I try to give ‘em the gist. “Sean Ward, how do you do it?” Yo, I was made for this! I was made for this! I was made for this! I was made for this! Since I was just little, yo, I been dreamin’ about the time that I would be the one to step upon the stage and spit the rhymes. And the wonder I felt back when I would watch the music videos had me fantasizin’ ‘bout the money, fame, and silly ho’s. But now I’m grown and the dream just gets bigger: to travel around the world and to earn an annual eight figure. And do you linger, yo, to pause on that? ‘Cuz either I’m a visionary or a god damn brat. But that’s the kind of thinkin’ that it takes to succeed. I hold a high opin- ion of myself indeed ‘cuz I’ve seen a lot of stress and struggle all of my life. My autobiography’s but a story of strife overcome by a man who’s got nothin’ to lose. Life is more colorful than a case of the blues. And in case you were wonderin’ how the Ward could persist: knowledge strong that all along, yo... I was made for this! I was made for this! I was made for this! I was made for this! If you thought that something special was happenin’, you ain’t the first. And if you had the nerve to take a jab, you ain’t the worst ‘cuz I heard it all and check it out! I’m still goin’! My rhymes flowin’ so you be knowin’ my legend’s growin’! And now I’m sowin’ the seeds of success ‘cuz I make sure you’re impressed whene’er I’m put to the test and the rest are all invited when I’m lookin’ dapper. Come see a super-being, fuck another rapper! I got a brand new style that you just can’t top. I shut down the shit when I flip my hip hop and if you try to stop me now, I’ll knock you out of the way. Get the mayor to declare this shit Sean Ward Day. And make it so you can’t be tuned into the TV station without seein’ some shit that I do on- location. Livin’ the dream’s a task I can’t resist. I sent a bulletin about it! I was made for this! I was made for this! I was made for this! I was made for this!