Anything Goes

by The Sean Ward Show

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Used to be a glimpse of stocking
Was looked on as something shocking,
But now, God knows,
Anything Goes.

Good authors too who once knew better words,
Now only use four letter words
Writing prose, Anything Goes.

If driving fast cars you like,
If dive bars you like,
If old hymns you like,
If bare limbs you like,
If Mae West you like
Or undressed you like,
Why, nobody will oppose!

Used to be you're scared to talk to girls
now you can tweet your cock to girls
Don't need clothes, Anything Goes!

When C.E.O.s can still can keep enough
money to let their people jump
out windows, anything goes!

The world has gone mad today
And good's bad today,
And black's white today,
And day's night today,
When most guys today
That women prize today
Are just silly gigolos

Used to have to wait for second base
but now you can feel her any place
go touch some hoes! Anything goes!

And though I'm not a great romancer
I know that I'm bound to answer
When you propose,
Anything goes


released July 15, 2011