Binders Full of Women (featuring Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama)

by The Sean Ward Show

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The newest hit single from The Sean Ward Show -

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If you were already excited for the upcoming U.S. election, you're going to be fired up when you hear the new election song.


released October 20, 2012

performed by DJ SUPER PARTY and WHYTE WYNE

written by Sean Ward and Calwyn Shurgold

produced by Z. Thrillington



Track Name: Binders Full of Women (feat. Mitt Romney & Barack Obama)
(DJ Super Party)
Come check this out, got some zingers I been practisin'
i'm like Obama now: I'm in this and I'm back to win.
And I'm like Romney cuz I'll say anything to gitcha
Don't matter nothing if you let me take your pretty picture
Now there we go! Another women in my binder
My apparatus be the fly girl finder
Call my cabinet, say "Send 'em cuz I need more"
Why isn't Washington one big dance floor?
Know what I'm saying? Cuz it's parties that be rulin'
No dough for hoes like the government got for schoolin'
Hoes disposable. They like loose leaf
Tear 'em out, throw away, then get a new sheet
And write a list of all the ways that I could mention
Divert feceral funds to my personal pension
Binders Full of Women, that's my modus operandi
You ain't heard? "Can you say that a little louder, Candy?"

(Whyte Wyne)
Romney so ridiculous! So damn polygamist!
Got binders full of women just to keep track of it
Stackin' 'em up hoes overflow his cabinet
Cuz Romney ain't afraid to three hole punch a bitch
Making swing voters everywhere wanna make the switch
Cuz even loyal mormons ain't voting for this bitch
This misogynist from Massachusetts
Causin' mass confusion Wanna win, he losin'
Nobody canvass harder than a mormon can
But that ain't enough to win the hearts of Americans
So put your X on the box of the man with the black cock
Because this Tea Party shit got to stop
So when you're up in the booth this year
Let it be known that your choice is clear
If Romney ends in office, I'mma be in tears
Let's keep Obama in the oval for another four years